Friday, 28 June 2013

Mall of the world Dubai’s Latest pull

Dubai is the home of malls, retail is flourishing here. Now Dubai being the largest retail market in the world, has taken initiative to build largest mall on the earth named “Mall of the World” it would be a miracle as we consider Egyptian pyramid. The unfathomable sea of world’s renowned brand, you can say it Titanic Mall because it would be so gigantic. Certainly Dubai will reach on the greatest height of retail business, as none could be parallel to her due to its largest retail market. The entire idea of Great mall is so inspiring that you will need to hold your breath once you think about it.

What it offers:

Mall of the world with its colossal capacity of receiving 80 million visitors annually will surely break the record. It will have the capacity of attracting world’s largest and original brands to its shore. As retail store is always the abode of international and local brands so it will be. It is reported that the most appealing thing at mall of the world will be park that is estimated 30% larger than Hyde Park of London, one of the largest park in London.

It seems that the idea is totally inspired by cruise ships that contain everything to entertain the people. Here is life at it’s with its full zeal and zest. So is the case with mall, here will be park, shopping area, with all Supermarket Equipments. If the idea is gigantic then the planning needs to be more concrete. From eatables, to luxury items, from appliances to daily necessities here is everything to meet your needs.

The Mall of the World has everything to attract you:

All eatables like coffees, flowers, juices, soft drinks, fruits, vegetables, cakes and candies, chocolate are stored in heavy duty steel shelving. Mall of the world is committed to offer first rated entertainment facilities to the visitors that comply with international standards. The luxurious mall will be developed in collaboration with Universal studios international.

You can’t stop yourself to shop:

It is stated that Mall will be so massive and huge that it will boast of 100 hotel capacities. Dubai wants to enhance its tourism as it is doing great investment in this sector. Dubai Airport is the live example of this endeavor and this passion is unrestrained. It is targeted that 90 million passengers will be board at Dubai airport in the next six years. Dubai is dreaming of world’s famous destination and to maintain this status its doing its best effort to attract the tourist worldwide. Here is everything massive, from Burj-ul- Arab to bUrj-ul-Khalifa and from Palm Island, to Dubai airport, Dubai is intended to do everything great that is never done on the Earth.

Mall of the world is an initiative in this regard to boost up the UAE economy. So we can expect here everything. From Commercial Shelving to great visual merchandising art and from window display to great mannequins are used to display all the items and brands you loved to have. All it is to be done to enhance customer’s experience so that they can be more interested in retail shopping. At retail store people not only find their desired brand but they are introduced to the brands of the same kind. Isn’t it?