Monday, 17 December 2012

UAE – A Haven of Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

When you the numbers, Gulf region means business. As a microcosm of this round planet, whole gulf is burgeoning in so many ways in including political, social and most importantly economical directions. But, competing in this region is not any easier job; it demands deep understanding of this region’s culture, its norms, its values and its taboos. With preconceived biased notions about this region and its people, you are hardly supposed to break any grounds. Though it’s not clash of civilizations that’s our subject matter, it’s more about understanding their business principles and living styles which are substantially laid in Islamic law. For setting up your home offices in this region, you must adapt to this culture in relation to the engagement with the locale.
UAE – As A Microcosm for Gulf:
Dubai is most westernized region in Gulf area and it has seen huge huge huge influx of international companies and international workers over the last few decades; expatriates make 80% of total work force here. These companies have opened their home offices which more or less tend to follow Arab culture, though their parent culture still gleams in between through design orientation. ‘While in Rome, do as Romans do’ makes sense for most of the Arab but for Dubai, its wisdom is partial. You can always blend their culture with yours and bring out something more fascinating and more business oriented. IT, engineering and retailing are most thriving businesses in UAE. If you are planning to invest in these industries, chances are you will get a thriving response and will find least troubles in elevating your business.

A New Generation of Design and Business:

Swashbuckling design in UAE conflating pragmatism and utopianism has stormed the whole world. Buildings heartened with digital tools are so exotic that they, by no means, look belonging to our planet. In those buildings, companies are opening their offices, entrepreneurs are making departmental stores, fashion shops and service centers. For those planning to open their businesses in such goldmine, it’s important to be futuristic. From office design to office equipment, everything is instrumental. You give a fig to any of these things, are you failed. For stores of all kinds and sizes, it’s important to update their equipment including warehouse racking and steel shelvings. You can’t sell high value low textured supermarket shelves. Since retailing is all about selling and stocking products that consumers need and purchase. So, cluttered display, or worse yet, hidden from eyesight will never get those products out of their shelves.

UAE Supermarkets and Retail Designs:
As told above, UAE has become the hub of whole business world. People visit here to shop, they stay here for businesses and they invest here for making high piles of money. Everything here is interesting and profitable. To make them shop from your stores, you need to employ unique retail designs. Retail design is a science of architecting store structure and art of decorating it with interior design techniques. For hassle-free shopping experience, products are put in a way that finding them not just becomes intuitive but buying them becomes passion. Brands focus more and more over finding best Industrial Steel Shelving for their products so that consumers realize ‘value’ being added in their lives through their products.